Hey friends,

Sorry I’ve been on a bit of a wordpress hiatus. There has been a LOT going on, and is still a lot going on, so I’m playing a bit of catchup.

Peru was more incredible than I could have imagined. It was beautiful, full of life, and I hiked/traveled with a great group of people. Pictures if you have not seen them are up here on Picasa.

(I had a…hard time picking ones to cut, so there are a lot there).

After Peru was essentially Thanksgiving, which was when I decided not to finish NaNoWriMo on time. Thanksgiving at home, as a result, was lovely. I saw almost everyone I wanted to see, some more who I didn’t expect to see, and got to play Fairy Godmother to my precious niece, which felt like the biggest honor in the world.

Then, back to work and studying. Wait, studying, you say?

Yes, I am learning all about network security for a new certification I need to get. Most people take the exam after 2 years of experience. Can you guess how many I’ve had?

So, that is busy and intense, and is taking a lot of willpower to focus on.

Also, I am actually trying to finish my novel. Somewhere in the back of my mind.

I’ve been planning on creating a fabulous photo album (to print) for my adventures in Peru, which involves scanning ticket stubs in and actually designing the book. That is also buried, somewhere in the back of my mind.

Anyway, hoping to get a little more regular soon, but for now I have some serious focusing to do.