Well, Sunday was pretty fantastic. After errands and lovely time with my boyfriend, I wrote like crazy and added over 5,000 to my word count! That means I’m ahead by a smidgen over a whole day. Ready? Drumroll, please: 8,533 words!

So, this evening I hosted a 2-hour write-in a few blocks from my office for two hours. That somehow got me 2,120 words! I passed 1o,000 and shot to 10,653! So I’m pretty excited.

What’s a write-in? Well, basically, people who live near each other get together in some public space and just write. All of this is arranged on the forums over at NaNoWriMo.org. So, you get to meet people, and you get to have good-natured word count competitions, and focus on writing, with people as crazy as you are.

However. This is my dilemma. Let’s switch gears slightly. I am flying out of the country, for eight days, starting Thursday. I had planned on not taking anything electronic except for a camera and watch, but thought perhaps at least having my cell phone on me isn’t a terrible idea. I had not at all planned on taking my iPad, due to concerns about it being stolen. Which would suck. But, I also have a lot of airplane and airport times. I think I’m on like 4 planes each way. What do you think? I like to think I’m a pretty wary person, and will guard my bag with my life (well…not quite). I’m not worried about the hiking time, but I’m mildly concerned about the city time. I suppose I could just leave it under my bed in my hotel(s) or something. What do you think I should do? (Reminder: I can write my story, and keep all my notes, on my iPad, also, and then sync it when I get home).