I was a rockstar on my wordcount until yesterday. Day 3. So soon! But, yesterday involved a lot of driving (I can’t read in the car, so I doubt I can write in the car) and errands. I caught up some throughout the day, a hundred words here, a hundred words there. But still behind. It’s okay. That’s what Sundays are for! Today, we will do more errands (for me, this time, for my big trip coming up!) to REI and BJ’s. And then I will write write write!

Now it is Day 4. The program I use, which I can sync across my computer and iPad, is giving me different word counts across both. My computer version is giving me more words. My iPad is not. We will have to see who wins out on November 30, though I will likely try copying it all into Word and seeing what that gives me. Every program is a little bit different; the algorithms are not all the same. I’ll take the larger number for now! So, I am at: 4,175. But, on Day 4, I need to be at: 6,668. So I’ve got some catching up to do, and then hopefully speed on past that. Because I’ll be out of the country for a week, and need to do this!

That’s all. Little little update. But I’m still doing this. I’m still hanging in there.