It is amazing how giddy writing the first few hundred words can make you feel. All of my worries, time constraints, they all just went away in those initial 30 minutes of writing. I stayed up until midnight, excited to just start, right at November 1. And hey, I got 603 words in! I am putting the editor away, and just going. I’ve added 3 new minor characters and had a whole conversation between Martha and her displeased boss over the Oxford comma. Okay, so it’s not a bestseller intro (can you tell my whole life involves writing?) but it is a start! Because you have to start somewhere!

I just have to keep in mind that to actually keep up amidst all my commitments and travels, I need to aim for more than the “average” daily needs.

But I’m pumped, it’s nearly 1am, and if my strange but exciting plans to wake up early and pick up the novel tomorrow morning in some coffee shop before work, I’d better get to bed.

I’m writing a novel!