Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And sometimes, that beholder is YOU! I am hardly a beauty-obsessed woman. My daily routine involves a shower, putting on clothes, brushing hair and teeth, and running out the door, with sneakers that may or may not be tied yet. But, sometimes, there are those little things that make all the difference. After months of putting it off, forgetting, or contemplating letting my hair grow out to brunette again, I finally went and got it re-dyed yesterday. I am back to being a red-head and loving it. red hair

See, beauty and looks aren’t everything. I value myself (most days) for being smart and caring and relatively strong (er…mentally). How I perceive myself physically can make or break a day for me. My hair color has become a minor part of who I am. My confidence level and general outlook on my kind-of-crazy life right now, shifted dramatically after I was back to being a red-head. It’ll take a couple of days for it to tone down and match my skin color more, but I really love it. Actually, I’d planned on shifting more: I bought more makeup and makeup remover, and was all set to actually start wearing makeup – just a little – again. But there was wine to taste and TV episodes to watch…so I was up late and snoozed late. Today was a crazy-fast run-out-the-door morning. Maybe tomorrow 😉

No, changing my hair color doesn’t change who I am or what kinds of things I desire or value. But that extra kick in my step today? All Red.