We talked it over when he got back, on Thursday. He picked me up from work, with flowers sitting in the passenger seat, and when we got to my apartment it was strawberries and a chocolate bar (which he later grated over the fresh cut strawberries).

I went over a lot of what I’d previously written, that I felt useless and neglected and shitty and that when big interviews like this happen, you call your partner right away. I asked him why he didn’t communicate most of the week, and got his response of “I’m an introvert.” Well, that I picked up on a long time ago. And it’s all well and good for other people, but me? Girlfriend you are supposed to be able to trust? Not so much. He did say that he’d wanted to talk to me in person about all this (after he slipped that oh, by the way, he’d accepted the job offer) which was why he didn’t call. Then at least tell me that. I asked what the deal was, how far the interview was from his friend’s house – 4 hours. “Four hours and you couldn’t once have called me?” “I was mulling things over.” No shit he was. I’m not dumb.

After an unpleasant wait for dinner, involving a lot of angry silences and talking, I calmed down a little.

It comes down to this: I made him promise to try to treat me as a partner in this, which he did, and if no more offers come from Maryland, and the paperwork goes through for the teaching certification in NC, he will move down in a few weeks. Next comes: how serious are we and can we handle long-distance? Is it worth it?

What remains frustrating is the subject of when. When we went dancing Friday he said he was going to go to the Renaissance Fair this weekend (without me) because he didn’t want to miss it, then later said the move wouldn’t be for a few weeks (when I pointed out I didn’t want to come back from VT and him be gone). So, he may have gone to the Fair alone. And I guess I won’t. Or I’ll make him go again and pay double or something. It’s maddening. So. Here’s hoping he’ll actually still be around next weekend (if he tells me).