Suddenly it’s Thursday and I owe my few followers a post.

So, last night I splurged, sucked it up, and bought myself a new chair for home. I feel I should warn the front desk whenever it’s supposed to arrive, since it will be quite heavy and large.

I’m pretty excited. I know it won’t solve everything, but it will hopefully solve enough that I can stop PT soon, and also get back to playing Diablo III without it hurting.

It moves in so many ways! The chair itself: 9. The armrests: 2!

  1. Pneumatic Lift (up and down)
  2. Tilting Backrest (back, forward)
  3. Back Height Adjustment
  4. Tilting Seat
  5. Sliding Seat (slides forward or backward)
  6. Rocking Tilt (which…actually looks the same as tilting seat…)
  7. Tension Knob (for how easily it lets you lean back)
  8. Adjustable Lumbar (moves in and out)
  9. Forward Tilting (like rocking tilt, but forward, too)
  10. Armrests: up and down
  11. Armrests: in and out (to fit to your body)


Besides that, I am starting to think about the summer craziness ahead (next week will be pretty intense) and may slow my frequency of posts. Haven’t decided.

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday, which is awesome. I think I may try to go dancing, and will go again Saturday night. Fun times. Peace.