Results from procedure came back and I’m in the clear! I also spoke to my PTist. Is that a thing? PT tends to mean “physical therapy;” can I do “PTist” as physical therapIST?

Regardless, he’s found a different chair with so much adjustability the hardest part will be finagling it to fit me. I can even get armrests that move in or out & up and down…I’m slim, so armrests that don’t make my elbows fly away from me is good. Snazzy long name: Office Master 7780 Paramount Task Chair.

This weekend means a gala event Friday night, possible coffee-hangout with college friend, and planned brunch Sunday. I’m going to make cinnamon rolls! So, I’ll either get up 3 hours early or let them set the night before. Yay!

Short post. But full of relief.