Today I decided to “clean out” some of my Friends on Facebook. I went from 395 to 324 by the time I was done. I doubt most of those people will notice. Because we haven’t actually interacted in…wait, I can’t even remember. If you were one of those people who didn’t make the cut and care, send another friend request. That’s the cool thing: it’s not permanent damage. Now, if I were in middle or high school, it’s likely this would be a big deal:

“Oh my god, you know that girl in English class? The one who sits in front of me? She de-friended me on Facebook.”

“For real?”

“Yeah, can you see her profile?”

“Um…oh, yeah, I can. Oh my god. I can’t believe she’d do that!”

“Wait, me but not you?”

And so on. Perhaps this can only be said for girls; we’re known to be catty at times.


But, though I may have been rather harsh on this round, 71 all at once, basic criteria were as follows:

  • We have not interacted in a year or more
  • I don’t remember where I know them from
  • I find I don’t care all that much about not knowing every detail of their lives they decide to post on Facebook
  • The profile name has changed so drastically I don’t even know who they are
  • The profile name has changed so drastically, and I can’t determine who they are from the picture
  • We knew each other in college (or high school. or elementary school) but never talk now (often falls into the first criterion anyway)

This is not to say it was easy. Some weren’t. Some were. Did I delete people I was still a bit curious about? Yes. But being a nosy neighbor is generally not my style. Generally. I kept some. Did I linger on people and wait for the list to re-load before I made my decision? Yup. Did I remove certain friends from some circles but not others? Yes, and that was pretty hard. I removed some camp friends, some high school friends…but not others from the same circle. I’m better friends with some than with others.

One of the first, and weirdest, was my first ever crush. We reconnected on Facebook some time ago (Honestly I have no idea when, or who sent the request. Probably me.) and besides a single “Hey! Been awhile! How’s life?” post on each other’s walls, I saw pictures and description boxes of his life, more than a decade later. We couldn’t really reconnect. What we had in common then we probably don’t have in common now. Oh, A. Remember that time I asked you to the Beach Boys concert and you couldn’t go? Hardest phone call of my life, up to that point. But life moves on. We grow up.

And that’s okay. It’s normal. I would argue that it’s healthy. Yes, there are some friends I probably should have deleted but didn’t and some friends who might notice I deleted them.

But hey. If you really want to catch up, just find me. Press the button to become Facebook friends. I’ll say hello.