This blog stemmed from this frustrated status update of mine:

Today the negative things – my dad has prostate cancer, I feel like my personal relationships are hanging off the edge of a cliff, realizing I’m having more trouble settling back into the flow at work than I thought I would, all the little things, like leaving my novel in the dust – are outweighing the positive: it’s a beautiful 75F March day, I have a job, I tend to like it, I have a wonderful family, I get to go home soon, I cleaned my apartment desk, I’m working out more and trying to eat healthier. Just that kind of terrible no-good-reason day. And when I wonder if I should have kept that blog, or that one, or just a diary again. What difference does it make?

Well. That, and my brother’s encouragement:

So yeah, life is beautiful and worth it. Dad is fine, though in for a huge ride…Everything works out. Your amazing. I am moving to Hawaii, thats weird. And I love you. Write whatever you want whenever you want. Who cares who reads it?

This blog makes no promises to be entertaining or peppy: as I deal with the tomatoes that life throws at me (I don’t like tomatoes), I write about it. I am a writer by nature, and, as luck would have it, by profession. It’s pretty awesome, though be warned: I get things out of my system by writing, and in the past, that means low posts (low as in blue. blue as in unhappy). But, with some friends’ help and inspiration, I hope to blog about the good things too, the things that remind me that “life is beautiful and worth it.”

So welcome, if you’re still here, at the bottom of the page with me: I am nearly 24, my dad has stage 2 prostate cancer, I am learning to develop an iOS app, and wrote a drafty 50,000 word novel in November. You’ll hear about those, too, if you stick around.